Teaching 担当科目


Sunset, Mt. Fuji and Sky Tree. Tokyo 2013.


Modern and Ancient Japan; East Asian History; Okinawan History; Social Movements; Food History; Environmental History; Imperialism and Colonialism in Asia-Pacific; Gender in Asia; Cities in World History


University of California, Santa Cruz

Lecturer, Department of History, 2015-2017


Fall: The Japanese Empire, 1868-1945 (Upper Division), Imagining Justice (Freshman Seminar)

Winter: Food Empires of Asia and the Pacific (Upper Division), The Making of Modern East Asia (Lower Division)

Spring: History and Memory in the Okinawan Islands (Upper Division)


Fall: Social Movements and U.S. Military Bases in Asia (Senior Seminar)

Winter: The Making of Modern East Asia (Lower Division), Modern Japan (Upper Division)

Spring: Ancient Japan (Upper Division)


University of San Diego

Lecturer, Political Science and International Relations, 2007-2009 (two semesters)

  • Twice invited to design and teach upper division Japan-U.S Relations course.

Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo, California

Lecturer, International RelationsSpring 2009

  • Invited to design and teach Introduction to International Relations and Introduction to Latin American Studies courses.


University of California, Santa Cruz

Teaching Assistant, 2010-2015

  • Ancient Japan (Noriko Aso)
  • World War II Memories in Japan and the U.S. (Alan Christy and Alice Yang)
  • Women in the Ancient World (Jennifer Lynn)
  • Reader: Early Modern East Asia (Minghui Hu), World History 1750-1900 (Urmi Engineer)
  • Modern Japan (Noriko Aso)