Teaching 担当科目


Sunset, Mt. Fuji and Sky Tree. Tokyo 2013.


Modern and Ancient Japan; East Asian History; Okinawan History; Social Movements; Food History; Environmental History; Imperialism and Colonialism in Asia-Pacific; Gender in Asia; Cities in World History


Connecticut College

Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese History, 2017-2018

  • Quakes & Nukes: (Un)Natural Japanese History
  • Protest and U.S. Imperialism in Asia (Senior Seminar)
  • The Making of Modern East Asia
  • Art and Invention in Early Japan
  • Food Empires of Asia and the Pacific



University of California, Santa Cruz

Lecturer, Department of History, 2015-2017


The Japanese Empire, 1868-1945 (Upper Division), Imagining Justice (Freshman Seminar), Food Empires of Asia and the Pacific (Upper Division), The Making of Modern East Asia (Lower Division), History and Memory in the Okinawan Islands (Upper Division)


Social Movements and U.S. Military Bases in Asia (Senior Seminar), The Making of Modern East Asia (Lower Division), Modern Japan (Upper Division), Ancient Japan (Upper Division)

University of San Diego

Lecturer, Political Science and International Relations, 2007-2009 (two semesters)

  • Twice invited to design and teach upper division Japan-U.S Relations course.

Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo, California

Lecturer, International RelationsSpring 2009

  • Invited to design and teach Introduction to International Relations and Introduction to Latin American Studies courses.


University of California, Santa Cruz

Teaching Assistant, 2010-2015

  • Ancient Japan (Noriko Aso)
  • World War II Memories in Japan and the U.S. (Alan Christy and Alice Yang)
  • Women in the Ancient World (Jennifer Lynn)
  • Reader: Early Modern East Asia (Minghui Hu), World History 1750-1900 (Urmi Engineer)
  • Modern Japan (Noriko Aso)